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How to Cook Noodles Well

Tasty and nutritious, Asian cuisine is rightly popular all over Australia. However, it can be tricky to get the authentic flavour of noodles that you might experience in an Asian restaurant. One of the mainstays of Oriental cooking, there are plenty of different sorts of noodles and each should be cooked differently. If you want […]

Grocery Scales: The Various Types That You Could Consider

If you are an avid cook, you undoubtedly will need a set of grocery scales in your kitchen to facilitate the measurement of the different ingredients that you use. However, your choice of grocery scales would dictate how accurate your measurements are as they are designed differently. As such, although estimating the volume of your […]

Three Cool Catering Ideas for Your Event

No matter what kind of function you’re planning, some things stay the same. Whether you’re having a birthday party, a product launch, a wedding or an anniversary celebration, you’re still going to need to think about the venue. You’re still going to need to think about the music and the lights, and you’re definitely going to […]

Event Catering: Reasons to Hire a Professional Company

No matter what event you are planning during the holiday season, food is one of the most important aspects that you would have to consider. Not only does it have to be adequate for your guests, but you also have to ensure that it is well prepared and of good quality. Nevertheless, you may be […]

Have You Got What It Takes To Work In A Chef’s Kitchen?

Everyone’s got that one friend who throws the most amazing dinner parties. “You should go on Master Chef!”, everyone cries. “You should open your own restaurant!” It’s a great feeling to hear such a lovely complement, but are they right? They might be on the money with one of them, but opening a restaurant is a very […]

Outdoor Parties | 3 Strategies For The Working Professional To Plan Food For An Outdoor Barbecue

When the warm summer months arrive, it’s natural to see people fire up their barbecues and plan get-togethers. If you’re planning an outdoor barbecue for your loved ones and don’t have the time to plan the food on your own because you’re busy at work all day, then hiring a catering services company to prepare […]

Pro Tips for Chips: Five Tips for Making Delicious Homemade Chips for Your Restaurant

Homemade chips are a beautiful addition to your restaurant’s menu, and when made-to-order, thin flaky chips far surpass the taste of chips from the bag. Surprisingly, as long as you have an ample supply of potatoes, your kitchen crew can easily make homemade chips. Want them to taste as amazing as possible? Check out these […]

3 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Takeaway Pizza.

1. Save on toppings. Take away pizza is often a bit of a guilty pleasure: not the healthiest dinner option and not always the cheapest either. If you are willing to accept that you are prone to indulge once in a while, you can at least save a little money by opting for cheaper pizzas […]

Cake for breakfast – why not?

While eating cake for breakfast might not seem like the healthiest choice, it can actually be a good way to keep your weight down by giving you a healthy boost of protein and fats. Having something sweet can also help quell cravings for sugary snacks through the day and make you less likely to binge on […]

Tips on how to make a chocolate bouquet

When you’ve been invited to a dinner party, it’s nice to bring a gift to the host and hostess to show them how much you appreciate their invitation. Flowers, bottles of wine or chocolate are common gifts for such occasions. However, if you want to be a bit more original, you could make a chocolate […]

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