Some Tips for Creating Custom Wine Labels

Custom wine labels can be used for a variety of occasions when you may be giving away a bottle or bottles of wine, such as for a wedding or special anniversary or as a housewarming gift for a friend. Creating a custom label gives the gift a bit of extra charm and can be a reminder of that special event every time someone opens the bottle. Before you start designing your labels, note a few simple but very important tips for ensuring it gets done right.

1. Start with the size

Note that some wine bottles are tall and thin whereas others are more rounded at the bottom, with a long neck. You don't want your label to overlap the curve at the top of the wine bottle, so it's good to note the size of the bottle's face. Be sure you choose a label size that is proportionate and that will leave a bit of room at the top and the bottom, not just so that the label doesn't bend over the bottle's curve, but also so that it doesn't overpower the bottle completely.

2. Color versus black and white

Should your wine label be in color or black and white? First note that black and white can have a very dignified and classic look, but for an event like a wedding, you might consider using the same colors as the wedding party. Chances are the bridesmaid's gowns, table covers, and flowers all follow a color scheme, so it can be good to bring that same color to the label so everything coordinates. However, if you're bringing wine to a housewarming party and aren't sure the colors of your friend's décor, you might stick with black and white to stay neutral.

3. Info to include

Wine given away at an event like a wedding should have the wedding information, including the couple's name and the date. For another event, you might opt for a standard greeting like, "Happy housewarming!" While this type of information makes the wine label more personalized and more fun, you also want to think about including information about the wine itself. Someone might appreciate knowing what type of wine it is, the brand, the vintage, and the like. You can always put that information in smaller letters off to one side of the label so it won't be as visible from the front, or choose a second, plain label with that information and add it to the back.

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