How to Choose the Best Under Sink Water Filter for Your Home

An under sink water filter can be a great choice for your home, as it means not having to use up so much plastic for bottled water and not having to call a plumber to install a full filtration system connected to your home's pipes. When shopping for an under sink water filter, you may be surprised at the number of options you have and their varying prices and features. Note a few simple tips for making the best choice for your home so you know you get your money's worth and are happy with your filter for years to come.

1. Size and installation 

Note the actual dimensions of a water filter; this may seem very simplistic, but remember that your sink's pipes may already be connected to a garbage disposal, and if your cabinets are not very big, you may not have room to squeeze in an oversized filter next to the disposal. It can be good to go under the sink with a measuring tape and actually measure the space you have available before you even begin to shop.

Along with the size, note the difficulty of installing the filter yourself. If it only requires you to remove a flange and redirect a pipe to the filter, this can be relatively simple. However, if it requires you to disconnect water lines and other plumbing connections, this might be out of your area of expertise and you might opt for a simpler installation.  

2. Filter type

Different filters are actually meant to filter out different contaminants, so if you know your home's water had lead and other heavy metals, you'll want a filter for lead. If you simply have hard water meaning crystals and minerals, you'll want a simple filter for hard water. A water softener will use salt or another type of ion to remove calcium and magnesium, but it typically won't remove heavy metals like lead. A carbon filter will remove most contaminants from water including lead and chlorine.

Along with the filter type, note the cost of replacement filters and their expected lifespan. You'll need to choose something that fits with your long-term budget and not just the cost of installment. However, remember too that high-quality filters with a smaller mesh to catch more contaminants are often more expensive. You need to balance your budget with the quality of the filter you want for your home, and the number of contaminants in your water.

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