Never Overlook These Factors When Choosing a Business Function Venue

Choosing just any venue for your seminar or conference is not always difficult, but choosing the right venue may be more involved than you realize. You don't want to have a seminar, conference, class, or any other such function in someplace that is not comfortable and quiet for your guests, and may also be overlooking certain hidden fees or other factors that make one venue the wrong choice. Note a few things you never want to overlook when choosing a business function venue. 

1. Quiet

Hotel conference rooms are one favorite choice for business functions, but before you make a reservation anywhere, visit the hotel and note how close the room is to the hotel lobby, bar, elevators and other places where crowds might gather or where there might be outside noise. You may not want the conference room to be too far from the lobby so it's easy to find, but constant foot traffic outside the classroom can mean distractions for those inside the room.

2. Wi-Fi

Most conference rooms will have some type of internet hookup for the person presenting the information, but what about Wi-Fi? Wireless connections are needed for those attending the conference so they can check their emails throughout the day. Always ask if a venue has Wi-Fi for those attending rather than assuming that a certain hall, arena, and other such area will automatically provide it.

3. Catering

Many venues will provide their own catering but if you're obligated to use their services rather than bringing in outside food, be sure you note the prices. If the venue restricts you from using any other type of catering service, you may notice that their own catering is very expensive. You might be better off finding a venue that allows outside food to be brought in and then finding a local restaurant or catering service that offers more affordable options.

4. Visibility

Note how visible the building is from the road before choosing a venue. If a person cannot easily see the building or find a sign to it, they may simply give up and go home, or you may spend too much time on the phone before the conference begins, giving people directions. This is especially important if you're hosting a business seminar that is open to the public; if they cannot find the building, they may just get discouraged and keep driving. Don't assume people will spend as much time as needed to find a building, but always check visibility and ensure that it's easily seen or has large enough signs so that anyone can find it from the road.

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